Our Philosophy

These Ten Guiding Principles Determine How Our Employees and Our Company Operate:

1. As a Community-Based/Family-Centered Organization who is dedicated to ushering in the ongoing practice of CULTURE CHANGE and as defined by our Mission Statement; our focus is to build relationships with the resident. Resident-Directed care is a setting wherein caregivers are assigned to smaller groups of residents and have the ability to develop relationships with such residents as individuals. Residents are treated more as family as opposed to random patients in an institution. The major fundamental difference between the “Medical Model” and the more desirable “Social Model” is that of Resident Choice. We enable and empower the Residents to decide to the best of their ability- what they are going to do and when they are going to do it. Using this Resident-Directed care, caregivers are able to become familiar with each resident and cater more to their specific needs, whether those needs are psycho-social, emotional, spiritual or clinical/medical.

2. Satisfy our residents with quality care and compassion. We constantly strive to not only meet, but exceed expectations. We focus on the residents clinical and non-clinical needs. We communicate with family members to promote customer satisfaction.

3. We exert every effort to act responsibly and ethically with respect to those with and for whom we work. It is our aim to thoroughly evaluate our internal processes to assure accuracy and acceptability within the parameters of each state and federal funding program while at the same time effectively pursuing and implementing Resident-Directed/Oriented Care.

4. Be accountable. We focus on solutions, not excuses. We treat the business as if we owned it. We realize that the “can-do” attitude we possess in our daily interactions significantly impacts the overall effectiveness of our endeavors. Therefore it is our pledge to challenge ourselves each day to promote professionalism, optimism, fairness and trust.

5. Organize support around Core Processes. We have a key expectation of our Neighborhoods, groups and sub-groups working as a team. Teamwork involves the breaking down of interdepartmental barriers rather than focusing to rigidly on individual departments (or silo’s as they have come to be known in Culture Change nomenclature).

6. Continuing education is an integral component necessary to the achievement of our goal. This commitment to our staff is personified by our pledge to offer the most progressive information available through ongoing education, the provision of the tools necessary for successful operations, and the granting of authority by which to use these tools. Our human resources are our most valuable asset and ultimately define who we are.

7. Recruit, employ and promote the best person for the position. We hire people who are results-driven ... with integrity. We hire people who are motivated and energetic who want to make a difference.

8. Make effectiveness a habit. We get things done, by doing whatever it takes, to achieve excellent results with integrity. Results at any cost are NOT acceptable.

9. Adaptability. Our ability to accept new challenges with flexibility, honesty, and integrity allow our teams to develop innovative and resourceful resolution to any uncertainties that may arise. We strive to address concerns in a collaborative manner, stressing accountability without blame, effective conflict resolution, communication based on trust, and dedication to our common goal and Mission.

10. Balance internal focus, external focus. We continuously balance the needs of all of our customers. This focus includes being involved in local government and public policy development recognizing that the entity of the facility itself is also an internal customer. In all that we do, we strive to exceed the expectations of our residents, their families, our employees, and those that seek our services.


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